Preppy Spring Fashion

Spring is in the air, and I’m letting my preppy side shine this season. weather it’s anchors or bubble necklaces, I will be preppy this spring. {inspired by Sarahbelle93x and HelloKatyxo on youtube}

  • J.Crew Shorts
  • Image

These shorts are so cute an versatile. You can make them preppy with a white oxford button down {preferably ralph lauren} or you could make them really chill with a cute flowy tank top.

  • White Keds


Keds are again, suuuper versatile {especially the white ones imo}. You can wear these with a casual outfit, or even with a dress. They’re awesome.

  • Circle Skirts

black circle skirt


These are another one of my favorite clothing pieces {for any season} because they are, once again, extremely versatile. I like wearing mine with button down shirts (denim, cotton) and bright colored belts. Super cute!

  • Bubble Necklaces

white bubble necklace


I just love these necklaces. They’re super cute with denim shirts or any plain outfit that needs some jazz. You can get them loads of different places {you don’t have to buy the crazy $150 ones from J. Crew}


I hope you all have a nice week!




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