Spring Style Staples


Spring is in the air! I am SO excited for warmer weather. Winter is always a terrible time for me. Every day is just… bleh.  Warmer weather makes me in a wayyy better mood. In winter I’m always so cranky! As the weather gets warmer, the clothes get smaller. I’m talking capri’s and tank tops {yippeee!} It’s time to store away your uggs and moccosins that you’ve been wearing religiously, and get out the converse, toms and sandals! {i’m so happy even writing about it} There are so many things that I just NEED for spring. Here are some of my staples!


{cropped jeans; denim or colored}

I LOVE cropped pants. They aren’t as short as capri’s, but they aren’t as long as regular jeans. They go right above your ankle and look great with sandals and cute tops! Some colors that I would buy are dark wash denim, white, and hot pink. Those are just the ones I could see myself wearing the most.


{lace tops}

I actually have two; one of them is cream colored {you can see it in my OOTD post} and one of them is coral {it’s kind of more crochet than lace} from Forever21. These, again, would look adorable with some rinse wash cropped jeans and toms


{peplum tops}

These are SO cute to wear with cropped jeans! They look so cute and girly. I would buy a tiffany blue one.



Keds are the most versatile shoe you can get! They come in tons of different colors. You don’t have to buy name brand ones; they have knock-offs at target for $20 cheaper. {I would buy the white. They go with everything!}


{collar necklaces}

they are ADORABLE to wear with plain shirts that have higher necklines. They completely spice up the outfit! I would wear one with a fitted half sleeve top and a high waisted circle skirt.

{high-low skirts}

I LOVE hi-lo skirts. They are so cute and girly! I would wear a tiffany blue one with a fitted b&w half sleeve top, and some cute wedge sandals.


Have a nice week!





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