girl’s guide to a pamper night


I have been soooo busy with school and other things that I have not really been focusing on my needs. So I decided to have a night where I just relax {and also get in shape at the same time}


  • work out for 20-30 minutes. I like doing a 50 second wall-sit, 50-60 sumo squats, 50 crunches, 50 scissors legs {not really sure what to call that, haha} a 15 second plank {that’s all I personally can do, you can make it longer if you’d like} and 10-20 minutes on my exercise bike, then 50 more sumo squats. 
  • put on a shower cap, and run cold water on yourself for about a minute. This will get the sweat off of you before you get into your bath. You don’t want to be sweaty and get into a hot bath!
  • start running your bath, and {optional} drop in a bath bomb. I got mine from Lush Cosmetics {}

lush bath bomb Pink Bath Bomb from Lush {It turns your bath pink!!! how cool is that?!}

Bath bombs are really cool because not only do they make your bath colorful, but they also moisturize and nourish your skin! Plus they are all natural.

  • Put in some bubble bath. I didn’t actually use bubble bath for this, I used shower gel from Bath and Body Works, but I think it worked just as well!


photo (17)

This is what your bath should be looking like! You can’t really see the pink that well since it’s under the bubbles, but here’s a picture of the bath after the bubbles dissolved:

photo (14) {It looks kind of red in this picture because of my yellow-ish bathroom light, but in real life it was hot pink!}

  • Light some candles. My favorite ones are from bath and body works. I lit Market Peach, Spring, Lemon Mint Leaf, and Lemon. All of their scents mixed together and smelled heavenly! It also gives a really relaxing and spa like atmosphere.

photo (18)


  • Listen to some music. Now I wouldn’t recommend holding your phone/ipod over the tub.  You wouldn’t want to drop it in there! Just set it on a nearby counter or toilet and let the music play. Some songs on my playlist are Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran, Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, and begin again by Taylor swift. I love listening to nice, quiet songs that are beautiful. You could also listen to some piano music too, that really relaxes me.
  • Close your eyes and relax!
  • Blow out those candles girl! You don’t wanna start a fire! Ain’t nobody got time fo dat…
  • Put on some comfy pajamas and spend the rest of your night watching your favorite TV show. In my case I just watched Disney channel {guilty pleasure}, but you can watch whatever you want! Nothing scary or intense though, something funny and calm.
  • Get in bed, read a good book {I’m currently reading The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks}, scroll though pinterest and tumblr…
  • Have a good night’s sleep!





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