April Favorites

hey girls!

so, the end of april has come. I cannot believe that it is already may! It seems like yesterday I was yelling HAPPY NEW YEAR at 12am. it’s crazy! anyway, since another month has ended, it’s time for another favorites post! I hope you like it!



  • Venus by Urban Decay: This is seriously the prettiest eyeshadow ever! It’s in the Naked Basics palette. I put it all over my lid, as well as on my browbone and inner corners. It’s perfect to wear on it’s own when you’re in a rush and want something quick, but super pretty. I’d highly recommend it!
  • VS Pink Pretty and Pure Body Mist: This stuff smells amazing. I wear it every day! It pretty much smells like lemonade and flowers. It’s amazing.
  • NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer in Sunny: I love this bronzer! It’s really inexpensive {It’s only like $3-4} and it’s matte! It makes my skin look amazing. It’s not orange, but not too muddy. It’s perf!



  • Crochet Shoes: I have been LOVING these shoes from H&M! They are soooo cute and girly! They’re perfect for spring! {I couldn’t find a link to these, but they still have them in store! here’s a picture;}

crochet shoes



  • Peaches: I’ve been eating peaches a ton lately {I get the kind that come in little clear bowls in this syrup stuff} and they’re super yummy! They’re a great heathy snack!
  • Cobalt 5 Gum: This gum is so good! It’s a really nice peppermint flavor and it makes your breath really fresh. I love it!
  • Spring candle from Bath and Body Works: This smells SO GOOD! It is the definition of spring. It smells like flowers and outdoors and wonderfulness. It’s amazing.


  • Fall by Justin Bieber
  • The Way by Ariana Grande and Mac Miller
  • Come and Get it by Selena Gomez
  • Anchor by Mindy Gledhil
  • Turn to You by Justin Bieber


I hope you had a great month! I also hope May is a good month for you!





you can’t fly unless you let yourself fall 




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