Clutch Essentials

Hey girls!

So, I know prom season is almost over, but I have a Spring Banquet at the end of the month! I’m super excited. My date is my brother {lol! it’s not the kind of banquet that you have a date… it’s through my youth group!}. Anyways, since it is a formal, I don’t want to be carrying around my big purse! I’m still searching for a clutch, but once I have one, these will be my essentials;


  • Roller ball perfume | this is super important. you wanna be smelling nice when you’re on the dance floor! You could also bring a little perfume sample if the roller ball is too big to fit in your clutch.
  • Breath drops/spray | this is also VERY important. If your dance is the kind where you have a date, you don’t wanna be having stinky food breath! Even if you’re with your friends, fresh breath is always a good thing!
  • Lip products | I always keep the lip product that I’m wearing with me so I can reapply it throughout the day. I’d recommend keeping a lip balm {I use EOS}, a lipstick/lip butter and a gloss. Be sure that your lip color looks good with the dress you’re wearing! My dress is a bright orange/coral color, so I’d wear a nude/light pink color.
  • Your phone | this is pretty much always an essential, but if you get bored or something, you will be glad you brought it! I don’t actually have a phone {I have an iPod touch…} but it’s always nice to have access to twitter on the go.
  • Bobby pins/hair tie | If you have your hair in an updo and you need to fix it, or if you just want your hair out of your face, this is defiantly something you need to keep in your clutch.
  • Mini hair brush/mirror | If you straightened your hair and it’s looking ratchet, you will most likely need a hair brush. If your lipstick has worn off and the bathroom is full, you WILL need a mirror. Just go into a corner and take out your lipstick and voila!  You look like a newborn baby. {that was weird… I’m strange. sorry}


Those are all my essentials! I hope you found this helpful!




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