Spring Banquet 2013

Hey guys! So, If you saw my last post I said I took a little break because I was SUPER busy with school. Things have slowed down a lot with school and I have a lot more free time! I finish school this week, so I will be doing a lot more posts! I told you guys in my Clutch Essentials post that I would be going to a Spring Banquet! Well, It was last Friday and I had a BLAST with my friends, so I thought I’d post some pictures!

photo (38)

(In order) Morgan, Emily, me (Mandie), and Isabelle {check out Morgan’s blog HERE!}

photo (39)

Emily and I {she makes me look so white! haha 😉 she’s italian and i’m irish, so you see how that works}

Spring Banquet 2013 - 5

{In order} Morgan, Devon, Luke {Emily’s brother}, Emily, Me, Josh {my brother}… this is the whole “family” not including the littles. ;D

Spring Banquet 2013 - 6

All my sisters 😉 Lookin loverly

Spring Banquet 2013 - 3

Me and my brother Josh 🙂

Spring Banquet 2013 - 14

My girl Morgan and I… this is adorbs


This is all of our favorite picture. Doesn’t It look like something from a tv show or something? hahaha but we all love it 🙂

photo (40)

This collage is adorbs. We looooove our siblings ;D

photo (42)

This is another cute collage of some pictures 🙂

So that is a majority of the pictures! I had the time of my life. It was soooo much fun and I’m so thankful to have such amazing friends.




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