Best Friend Summer Bucket List

There are soooo many things I want to do this summer with my friends! The list would be WAY too long for a post, so I’m gonna be showing you guys 25 of the things I want to do with my besties! Here we go…


  1. Go to a really big mall
  2. Get frozen yogurt for the first time
  3. Try cotton candy frappe’s from Starbucks together
  4. Get Jamba Juice
  5. Go to the beach together
  6. Bake cupcakes
  7. Get our makeup done
  8. Make smoothies
  9. Make things from Pinterest
  10. Have a water balloon fight on the trampoline
  11. Try on outfits that we’ve always wanted to wear, but no one would accept
  12. Go to New York City
  13. Go on a doughnut date
  14. Take summery best friend tumblr girl pictures
  15. Go on a road trip together
  16. Meet someone famous
  17. Go to Brandy Melville
  18. Pick out outfits for eachother to get from a store
  19. Try on a wildfox jumper
  20. Meet someone from The Office
  21. Go to a water park
  22. Buy Chanel lipsticks
  23. get matching shirts
  24. Make a tumblr together
  25. Be white chicks in starbucks.





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