Summer Skincare Routine!

Hey guys!

So, I used to have a lot of breakouts before I started using these products, and now my skin is finally clearing up! I still get a few zits on my forehead, but other than that my skin is super clear, thanks to these products! Plus, you can get everything I use for a really affordable price; so if you have acne and not a huge budget, you will love these things!

****My skin type in the spring/summer is combination, so if you have very oily or dry skin, these products might not work the same for you as they did for me, but if you just have an oily t-zone and dryer cheeks like me, these products should work! 

Face wash;

I use the Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser. This is the product that i noticed REALLY cleared up my skin. I stopped using it for a week, and my skin started breaking out like CRAZY! When I went back to using it, my skin cleared up more than ever. This is a really amazing product and I’d definitely recommend it! It also has 2%  Salicylic Acid, which is a chemical known to help clear skin, so that is the active ingredient.


Makeup remover;

I like using wipes instead of liquid. It works better and it’s easier. I use the Simple Cleansing Wipes. I used to use the Yes To Cucumber ones, but those ones really irritated my face and made it stings when i used them; with the Simple ones they are super gentle on my skin and they don’t make my face burn. PLUS they take off all my makeup {even waterproof mascara} with just a few swipes.  They make my face feel really refreshed and clean. Love them!



I love the Clean&Clear Dual Action Moisturizer {Which also has Salicylic Acid in it, so it also helped clear up my skin}. I really helped clear up my skin without drying it out. I love it! Also, since my skin has been a little oily lately, it doesn’t make my skin feel gross and sticky like some moisturizers might. It just soaks into the dry patches and moisturizes really well!


Spot treament;

The Clean&Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment is the one I use. I have seen amazing results with this. It claims that “100% of people saw clearer skin in just one day”. I’m not sure if it works in one day, but it definitely works.  The most amazing thing about this is that it doesn’t dry out your skin! I love it so much and I would really recommend it.



I use the Neutrogena Clear Face Breakout Free Sunscreen with SPF 30. I really like this! It hasn’t broke me out, it’s not greasy on my face, and it protects my face from the sun!


That is my finished skincare routine for summer! I hope you found this helpful! Give me some requests for new posts in the comments, I could really use some ideas!





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