room decor ideas

Hey girls!

I am back from camp! I actually got back on Thursday, but I took a little break to get back into the swing of things.

So, I have been having the urge to redo my designed-by-an-8-year-old {literally, what was I thinking} bedroom. My walls are a blinding neon lime green, with bright purple and turquoise accents. It’s all topped off with a geometric comforter from Walmart. So fab {not}.

Now, for what I want to do to my room! My room is fairly small. It has one window, and it’s a rectangle shape. It has beige carpeting. I have a twin sized bed {which I am not a fan of. You see, I am a very WIDE sleeper. I’m all over the place! Half of me is usually hanging off of the bed.}. I would love a full, but i’m not sure how it would fit in my room.

okay enough ranting, let’s get into the fun stuff!



I want a very neutral warm beige color. I found this color {Bleeker Beige by Benjamin Moore} and I think it’s perfect! It will look great with any bedspread.


I chose this gorgeous duvet cover from Urban Outfitters. I love the ruffles! I’m going to add a bunch of colorful throw pillows. I chose white because If I ever get tired of the colors in my room, all I have to change is the pillows and I won’t have to buy another expensive duvet cover.


I found these AWESOME pillowcases from Urban Outfitters. They have the New York skyline printed on them! They are so cool and I seriously love them.

For throw pillows, I’d just do a few different patterned ones {coral, mint, navy, lavender, pink}.


These ones from Target are super cute! They match the bedding, and they’re adorable! They also had great reviews!








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