it’s been a while {where the heck have I been?!}

whoa. hey there.

my name is amanda and I haven’t been on here since january. i have changed and my style has evolved sosososo much. i’m turning fourteen in a few months {which is so surreal to me… it feels like yesterday i was eleven and wearing too much eyeliner} and i chopped off my hair back in june {i said i’d never do it, but i did!}. i don’t really remember why i stopped posting on here… maybe because of my youtube channel {which i don’t do anymore}. i’ve started reading LOADS {and i mean loads… i’ve read almost 70 books since may… i’m a bit crazy} and i started a youtube channel talking about books. i also talk about fashion on there, but i’m always lazy with filming videos.

this year {and also 2013} i’ve found a group of friends who have become like a family to me. i’m sososo incredibly thankful for the mildolphs :). i’ve sort of found my style. to this day, it still changes with the wind, but i like it that way.

i’ve always struggled with self-confidence. when i was 11/12 and even earlier this year, the thought of “i look fat” was always running through my mind. more recently, i looked in the mirror and decided that i was beautiful. my butt may be big, and my thighs might like to be close friends, but for the first time, i’m content with my body. my growing faith in God has been a HUGE part in my new confidence. i’m confident in my faith, and i’m happy.

and i’m ranting.

SO. i’d really love to start posting more on here! i’ve always loved fashion, and i’ll be posting my OOTDs on here, and probably a bunch of other random stuff. i’ve also found out that i love to cook/bake, so maybe i’ll have some food posts on here!

due to me reading a ton, my vocabulary has vastly widened {mostly thanks to J.K. Rowling} and hopefully my writing will be better. it’s never been very good, though.

well, i’d better be off. if you want, give my blog a little follow! you won’t be disappointed {hopefully 🙂 }

xoxo, amanda


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